Another Christmas Past


So glad another fantastic Christmas is past, with all my family members happy, loved and satisfied.

The children/grandson were super excited,  as were my husband and I, as in this point of our lives our children/grandsons happiness is our own gift to ourselves

Our oldest daughter had Christmas decorations down and put away in a box in the garage by 8:00pm, while her son played computer games. And she will get the same decorations out next year, and the same expectations again.

And next Christmas we will, again, get excited for our children/grandson, as to what Christmas will bring, how the day will go, and so on, year after year, until you are no longer responsible for your families Christmas and become a spectator, or guest at the holiday time.

And as spectators we can remember the Christmas’s past, the love, the expectations, the excitement, anxiety and togetherness. Another Christmas Past.


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